Why is my Refer-A-Friend Bonus rejected?

It is indeed true that ShopBack will grant $30 bonus for every successful referral who signs up and then shops through us. By mischance, the bonus can be rejected and may also be stuck under "pending" status which will then eventually be invalidated. This unfortunate event however will not be affecting the amount of Cashback accumulated.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that are not permitted and that will disqualify you from earning referral bonuses:

(i) self-referral
(ii) posting your referral link on any ShopBack merchant's Facebook or forum page
(iii) keyword bidding for the purpose of generating traffic to pages containing your referral link
(iv) any similar activity or similar device used determined by ShopBack in its sole discretion to be inconsistent with the purpose of ShopBack's Refer-a-Friend Programme.


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