Why is my Cashback not updated in my ShopBack account?

Your Cashback might be missing due to the following reasons:

1) You might not have started your shopping journey on ShopBack. Unfortunately, if you did not click through to the store of choice via ShopBack before the order, we will be unable to track your order and thus no Cashback will be awarded.

2) You may not have followed the Merchant Store’s Terms & Conditions when placing an order through ShopBack.

Every partner store comes with a unique set of Terms and Conditions. If you fail to adhere to them when ordering, our partner stores will not pay us a commission, thus you will not receive your Cashback. You can access each partner store's Terms & Conditions on the ShopBack Store pages.

3) Your order(s) was/were made less than 48 hours ago. Cashback takes up to 48 hours (and in some cases, longer) to be processed and reflected in your account. An email will be sent to notify you of your successful Cashback. Alternatively, you can check your ShopBack account under the “Pending” tab after 48 hours.

4) There was a cancellation, return or exchange of your order. Cashback is only awarded for successful orders and will not be awarded for cancellations, returns or exchanges.

5) You have ad blockers/unblockers applied to your browsers.

6) You used a coupon or voucher code not listed on ShopBack.

7) You clicked on a third-party offer/advertisement link before or during your purchase process.

8) Adblockers were not completely disabled when purchasing.

9) The URL used to make a purchase was manually edited.


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