Is ShopBack Button Safe?

As we are Internet users and online shoppers like you, we care about information security as well. We are committed that the personal information of every customer is kept secure and will only be used for the purposes for which you, the customer, have given their consent.


What is the "Read and Change Data" setting in Chrome?

Read and Change Data is a standard permission setting for all Chrome Extensions. ShopBack does not collect and modify customer personal or financial information from any other website that customers visit.

The ShopBack Cashback button is only accessible to the addresses, URLs, and cookies of the stores and networks you visit to send you a refund notification and to track orders from one of our affiliates to allow them to be credited to your ShopBack account.


Why do I need to allow the ShopBack Cashback button to access all sites (On all sites)?

The ShopBack Button must access the URLs and cookies of every store and network in order to be able to work with the merchant and network to effectively notify you about your Cashback.


What information does a ShopBack Button store?

With our goal of helping to improve our online shopping experience for all our users. Therefore, we take great care to collect information only on our website, store, and network in order to be able to provide a better experience for our customers' shopping journey. This includes developing and creating new products or services.

The information we collect includes:

Your personal information, the customers obtained through the registration process, including your name and email address associated with your member IDs.

The information that is part of how the ShopBack Button works is the URL, website, shop, and network, browser cookies, and other information to ensure correct tracking and refunds.

Information from using the ShopBack Cashback button that will help us better understand how our products/services work, including device information, and the browser used.

Your private information is protected by a secure network and we do not sell any information of all customers.


What information does ShopBack Button not store?

We cannot access and store the following information.

Any personal information Regardless of which you, the customer, do not notify us on any website.

Any personal information From your email, bank account, credit card, customer, on any website.

Any information from your search history

Non-ShopBack URLs and Cookies for ShopBack Networks


How to set permissions for all sites (On all sites)

You can change the permission settings for all sites (On all sites) by right-clicking on the ShopBack Cashback button beside the site address field (Adress bar), then a menu will appear to select This Can Read and Change Site Data and select On all sites.


ShopBack is committed to helping our members shop smarter. Which until now we have over 200,000 ShopBack Button users across the Asia Pacific and are rated 5 stars in Chrome Store reviews.

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