ShopBack Button browser extension not working

My ShopBack Button doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do?

You encounter this issue when using the ShopBack Button extension. The ShopBack Button is not turning green to signal it’s successfully working.

What you can try

If you’re using ad blockers 

If you have any ad blockers installed, try disabling it while shopping with ShopBack to earn Cashback. Unfortunately, ad blockers will also block the ShopBack button from working and it will stay red. 

If ShopBack Button was green but turns red during payment

Continue with your payment. Don’t worry, we’re still tracking your transaction – just not tracking your payment.

Doesn’t work with all stores

The ShopBack Button, sadly, isn’t available for every store on the internet. If the ShopBack Button doesn’t turn green on the store’s website, we most likely haven’t partnered with them yet.

But wait – you might still be able to earn Cashback! Check if the store is on our website and shop from there.

If you’re still having trouble, reach out to Sparky, ShopBack’s helpful virtual assistant

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