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Thanks for joining ShopBack! This page will cover everything you need to know about logging into your ShopBack account.

  • How to log in
  • How to change your password
  • How to unlink social media login 

How to log in

There are multiple different ways to log in, depending on how you first signed up to ShopBack and what accounts are linked.

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  1. Tap Log In.
  2. Choose how to log in. You can log in using: 
  • Your mobile number or email address
  • Facebook
  • Apple ID
  • Face ID or biometric ID (to enable this, you’ll need to be logged in using the other methods first)

How to reset or change your password

Try the following steps to reset or change your password.

For appFor web

1. Requesting the reset email at login by tapping Forgot password?. Make sure you’re entering the email address you’ve used to sign up for ShopBack.

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2. The reset email will be sent to the email address you’ve entered.

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If the email still hasn’t arrived, check your junk or spam inbox.

Valid for 30 minutes

Keep in mind that the reset password email is only valid for 30 minutes. Request the email again by tapping Forgot password? again if you weren’t able to reset your password in time.

When you want to update your password

  1. Alternatively, if you’re already logged in and want to update your password, hover over the Account icon next to your Cashback earnings and click Update password.
  2. Before you can update your password, you’ll need to verify it’s you via email or mobile number.

How to unlink social media login

You can easily unlink your social accounts like Facebook and Apple ID from your ShopBack account.

  1. Go to Account → Account and security → Login and security. 
  2. You’ll see all available login options and the option to unlink any linked accounts.
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