Emails I receive don’t match my settings

The email settings I’ve set are not working properly. What should I do?

If you’ve unsubscribed to emails but are still receiving them, or if you’ve subscribed to emails but haven’t been receiving them, read on.

What you can try

Select the relevant item below to learn more about each situation.

I’ve unsubscribed, but I’m still receiving the emails

Check what type of emails you’re still receiving:

  • Are they promotion-related?
  • Or do they relate to your ShopBack activity?

We have to send you activity-related emails to make sure you’re aware of all activity on your account, such as payments, Cashback transactions and withdrawal updates. This is to keep your account safe.

But you can choose to opt-out of all marketing promotional emails. If you’ve opted out and are still receiving these types of emails, contact Sparky, ShopBack’s helpful virtual assistant for further help.

I’ve subscribed to emails, but I’m not receiving any

Once you’re subscribed, you should start receiving the good stuff almost immediately! Check your notification settings to make sure it’s on. If your inbox is still unusually quiet, contact Sparky, ShopBack’s helpful virtual assistant for help.

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