Challenges to earn more

ShopBack challenges are small tasks you can complete to earn extra Cashback. Tasks can include:

  • Referring one or more friends
  • Shopping at specific stores
  • Spending a certain amount of money

We update challenges often to provide more ways to earn Cashback, so do keep an eye out for them!

Finding and joining challenges

  1. In your ShopBack app, tap Earn More.
  2. Under Earn More, browse through the various challenges we offer.
  3. Once you've found a challenge you want to join, you can tap on it to see more details or tap Start to get started immediately.

    If you see Queue instead of Start, this means the challenge hasn't begun yet. Make sure to join the queue since challenges have a limited number of spots or rewards - it pays to be fast! Tap Queue to save your spot.

  4. Make sure to read through the How to play and Terms and conditions to qualify for your rewards.
  5. Don't forget to complete your challenge in time!

Check challenge status

Your progress updates will vary depending on the challenge requirements.

For challenges requiring a purchase

We'll update your progress once Cashback from your purchase is tracked. This could take up to 3 days depending on the store. 

For referral challenges

We'll update your progress once you and your friend (or in some cases friends) finish all steps to successfully complete the referral.

Reward status

Once you complete a challenge, your reward status will initially show as Pending. Your purchases need to be validated and your Cashback has to be confirmed. Once your purchase and Cashback is confirmed, you'll earn your reward.

Other statuses

You might see other statuses like All Rewards Claimed, Challenge Failed, or You Missed It.

  • All Rewards Claimed: The limited number of rewards have all been claimed.
  • Challenge Failed: The challenge requirements weren't met.
  • You Missed It: The challenge wasn't completed in time.

Don't worry, we are constantly bringing you new challenges for you to join. If you've missed this one, join and complete the next one!

Receiving rewards

There's nothing better than sweet, sweet rewards. Find your hard-earned Rewards in Earn More → Rewards. Rewards come in different shapes and sizes:

  • Rewards as a code
  • Bonus Cashback
  • Scratch card

Redeeming a reward code

We share reward codes through different platforms. You can find reward codes via:

  • Facebook community
  • App notifications
  • By completing challenges or mini games
  • ShopBack livestreams
  • Offline events

To redeem a reward code, all you have to do is:

  1. Enter this code in Earn More → Code and press Apply Code.
  2. Voila! Enjoy your reward.
  3. You can check the reward status by going to See Cashback details→ Cashback Activity.

It can take a few days for your Cashback to be confirmed but you'll be able to find it in your Available Balance once confirmed.

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