How to pay for your purchase

ShopBack offers various ways to pay - both online and in-store - to suit your needs and preferences. When shopping online, pay using your usual credit or debit card. 

At physical stores that display the ShopBack Spark logo, you can use ShopBack Pay to pay for your purchases and earn rewards. 

Overview of different payment methods

For online purchases

For online purchases, the way we track your purchase is when you “activate” the visit from ShopBack (app, website or browser extension). How to pay depends on what options the online store provides.

  1. Begin your shopping journey with ShopBack.
  2. Head to the store’s page and continue shopping as you normally would.
  3. When you’re ready to head to checkout, pay using the store’s checkout screen. As long as you’ve reached the checkout page via ShopBack, you can freely choose your payment method. (Do note that only certain stores allow usage of Gift Card as payment method).

If you face payment issue on merchant's site, you are invited to contact the related merchant's Customer Service Team for further assistance. Thank you for your understanding.


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