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ShopBack is available at the tip of your fingertips, whether it be your mobile device or computer. Here’s how to use ShopBack via app or desktop to successfully complete transactions that earn you Cashback.

Browse and search

Visit the ShopBack app or website and use the search bar to search. You can search by product names, general categories, or specific store names.

If you just want to browse, head to Categories on our app and check out everything we offer.

On the desktop, you can also browse through all of our partner stores.

Check relevant info and terms and conditions

We always stress the importance of checking the details for all transactions because this is where you can find all the relevant details, including Cashback info and terms and conditions. This article, Cashback tracking top tips - Check Cashback rates for each store, will explain step by step on how to find all this info. You’ll also be able to find the terms and conditions on the same page.

Using ShopBack web and app to complete a purchase

Do not start your shopping trip on the ShopBack website and finish it on the ShopBack app (or vice versa). 

All purchases must happen on the same device from start to finish for Cashback to be tracked. If you need to switch devices, make sure you’re starting with ShopBack and clicking through to payment.

Buying in different markets

Cashback will most likely be rejected if you try to buy from an online store that is for a different country (for example, buying from a Korean online store from Singapore). Avoid shopping in different markets if you want Cashback. 

Payment and responsibility

Since ShopBack works as a bridge between you and the store, all purchases are made directly with the store. If you have any issues related to your order, you need to contact the store directly.

But if it’s something we can help with like Cashback issues, contact Sparky, ShopBack’s helpful virtual assistant.

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