Report missing Cashback

If Cashback you’re expecting in your ShopBack account isn’t there, this guide will show you how to report your missing Cashback. 

Note: You’ll only be able to file a report 30 days after your purchase date to account for Cashback processing time.

Before you report it, you may want to check out Cashback tracking issues: Missing or incomplete Cashback. It details the most common explanations for why your Cashback might be missing.

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  1. Go to Account → Support → Report a problem → Missing Cashback.
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  2. Select the store you bought from in the dropdown menu and when you bought it. Then tap Next.

  3. Enter your purchase details and upload your complete order confirmation receipt (including the purchased product name, order date, order number, purchase amount, discount amount, actual payment amount, and other relevant information). The following information is required to enter:
    • Order number
    • Purchase date
    • Total price
    • Purchase details

         After filling in the details, click Submit.


4. After submitting, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us detailing what’s next. Your investigation can take up to 14 working days so we appreciate your patience.




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